Togetherness starts with a tee

Katy’s vibrant illustrations follow dreamy characters into their magical worlds filled with decorative florals, enchanted creatures and pretty patterns . Raised in a little village nestled in purple hills near Edinburgh, Scotland, Katy graduated from Edinburgh College of Art with a First Class degree in Illustration.

KT works for clients like Macy’s, Converse, Westin Hotels, Seventeen and Sesame Magazine.

KT Smail x Face This

While suffering from a broken leg, the lovely KT Smail found the time to design a Face This T-shirt for us, using our Indonesian kids’ drawings. How die hard is that! We are very thankful and honoured for the work she has done for us!

KT Smail about her T-shirt

‘I just thought that someone had used my drawing for a T-shirt when I was a kid I would think that was so cool and exciting and I wanted to help and give that feeling to the kids and the excitement of creation and hopefully start some of them to want to keep creating.’

KT Smail interviewed by the kids of the Asy-Syifa community center

A Face This T-shirt is a collaboration between Indonesian kids making drawings and top illustrative artists from around the world. When the final artwork from the artist was finished, we let the kids interview the artist. About their final T-shirt design and about life in general.

Zidan (11): What is your favorite sport?
I like to go running and I like to practice yoga and I really love tennis as well although I’ve hurt my foot at the moment. I am supposed to rest which is really annoying and can’t wait till I am better and play sports again.

Saidah (9): What is your favorite food?
I like really healthy food: fruits and vegetables. My favourite ones are avocado’s, papayas and I really like dark chocolate as well, which is not a fruit or a vegetable but it’s delicious.

Ariya (9): What do you like to do?
I like to play sports every day when I can. I like to cook big meals with my friends and family and to sit for ages talking to them. I like to walk around especially in the country side anywhere where there is beautiful flower and trees. And I like to read and to draw ofcourse.

Afrizal (11): How many pictures  did you already make?
The answer to that is: I have no idea haha! I draw almost everyday so I didn’t count but a lot. Definitely a lot.

Afrizal (11): What is your favorite picture?
I’m working on some paintings right now of plants and flowers that are big paintings and colorful and I like those. And I love the paintings by Matisse and pictures in general. I have photos of friends and family all over my house and I like to be surrounded by those.

Dejan (9): Where do you live now?
I live in Brooklyn, New York City which is really fun and exciting place to live with lots of interesting people and things to do. I am really happy here.

Afrizal (8): When is your birthday?
My birthday is February 18th which is winter here and I hate being cold so I wish my birthday was in the summer.

Zidan (8): How long has she been drawing?
I’ve been drawing since I was little but maybe when I was like 15 or 16 I realized that I could be good at it and that I could maybe be an artist and that’s why I decided to work really hard and try be an artist and to draw forever.