Togetherness starts with a tee

Kate has worked as a printmaker & illustrator for over fifteen years from a makeshift print studio in Paddington. The kind of printing she is inspired by relies on chance, hiccups and happy accidents. Technically her practice is self taught, experimental and continually evolving. Kate is renowned for her music-related sleeve artwork, most notably for a long standing relationship with The Chemical Brothers.

Kate’s other clients are Apple, SonyBMG, Virgin Records, EMI Music Publishing, Nike, Dries Van Noten, Levis, Penguin Books,The Guardian & Observer, Wired US, Stussy and Adidas Originals.

Kate Gibb x Face This foundation

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Having a creative artist like Kate Gibb on our team, means a lot to us. We are very honoured she joined us as well and we really dig her on Lombok inspired scenery. An Indonesian island she visited years ago and where we also started our first Face This project.

Kate Gibb about her Face This T-shirt

‘To be given a folder of wonderful, energetic kids drawings which I find so inspiring is a luxury.’ 

Kate Gibb interviewed by the kids of the Asy-Syifa community center

A Face This T-shirt is a collaboration between Indonesian kids making drawings and top illustrative artists from around the world. When the final artwork from the artist was finished, we let the kids interview the artist. About their final T-shirt design and about life in general.

Dirra (9): Why in this picture, did you pick yellow?
Yellow is my current favourite colour..  I have just painted my window frames at home yellow, : )  It’s a happy, upbeat, sunny colour.

Riskon (8): What is your home town?
My home town is a small town just outside London called Hemel Hempstead.  Its quite green & leafy.

Obila (9), Puput (14): Do you like spending your holiday in the mountain?
Yes I do… The space in amongst and around mountainscapes is big and powerful.  It makes you feel small, insignificant.  I like that.

Puput (14), Fira (10): Do you like animal and what is your favorite?
I have a lovely dog called Ruby, a labrador. There aren’t many animals I don’t really like but she is definitely my all time love & favourite.

Fauzan (10): Where is Paddington?
Paddington is an area in London, near the centre. It has a big station which is famous for a children’s story about a bear called ‘Paddington Bear’. I grew up hearing stories about him, his travels and his love of eating marmalade (like Jam) sandwiches!