Togetherness starts with a tee

Born in Sweden and based in London, Frida has just graduated from Central Saint Martins in graphic design BA.  Immediately the cutesy macabre (or is that macabrely cute?) aesthetic of Japanese artist Yoshitomo Nara and his love of strange proportioned bodies, comes to mind.  Wannerberger though obviously has a sensibility for fashion which seeps into her work.  Fabrics, textures and silhouettes only serve to enhance Wannerberger’s drawings as she applies a distorted childlike signature to the way she draws facial expressions and body stances.

Frida Wannerberger x Face This foundation

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The wonderful Wannerberger joined us for our 2014 collection. She perfectly integrated our Indonesian kids’ drawings into her T-shirt design. Her tee is very fashionable, don’t you think?

Frida Wannerberger about her T-shirt

Frida about her collaboration with Face This: ‘It was a great reminder of cheering up, I think a lot of times grown ups are so serious and it’s not good for them, they would be much healthier if they were happier, so it was good to draw someone who was in motion, a bit untidy hair and some energy!’


Dwiki (8): What is the meaning of your design?
I was  struck by how all of you kids were drawing something in your surrounding, your high level of awareness. Also many of the jobs you described you wanted to have when you grow up are jobs with great responsibility. I thought the fish was a good symbol for environment and living things – and carrying the awareness of both with you even as you grow and move forward is something everyone should aim for I think, if  not in a bag on your head, then in your mind!

Ariya (9): What is your hobby?
My hobby at the moment is listening to the radio and try to learn about modern history

Afrizal (10): What are your favorite pictures?
Hmmmmmmmm…………. At the moment, illustrations of an American illustrator called maira kalman make me very happy!

Reina, Indah, Novita and Sari: Where do you live now? And why does the girl in your artwork has a weird nose and lip?
I live in London and I suppose that’s just the way she looks, she can’t help it!