Togetherness starts with a tee

Initially an architecture student, David chose to study Fine Arts instead. After graduating with a degree in design, he continued to work in design, advertising and illustration. He has been a freelance illustrator, art director and creative director at digital advertising agencies. David believes that the most important aspect of an illustration is the combination of typography and visual rhythm. He is now working for DC comics Warner Bros on some projects. David about his collaboration with Face This: ‘It has been a very grateful experience helping the children getting a better future.’

David works for clients like Porsche, Playboy, Man of steel (Warner Bros), Time magazine, and Burton.

David Despau x Face This foundation

The awesome David Despau found some time in his busy agenda to design us a Face This T-shirt using our Indonesian kids’ drawings. And ofcourse he integrated a handdrawn portrait of one of the kids in his design.

David Despau about his T-shirt

‘This is new for me and it has been a very grateful experience helping the children getting a better future.’

David Despau interviewed by the kids of the Asy-Syifa community center

A Face This T-shirt is a collaboration between Indonesian kids making drawings and top illustrative artists from around the world. When the final artwork from the artist was finished, we let the kids interview the artist. About their final T-shirt design and about life in general.

Saidah (9) and Fahrudin (9):Why did you pick blue and yellow on this astronaut picture?
Because both colors are beautiful together and yellow for the sun and stars and blue for the sky and space.

Ariya (9) and Afrizal (8): If I am astronaut, can I take my cat in outer space?
Yes you can take your cat and whatever you want into space. The idea is that you can dream about everything, your dreams are yours and make you free.

Bagas (13): Why is the monkey sitting on the sun?
You can travel in space and imagine a planet with this big monkey living in it. It’s like the book “The little prince” and is like a surreal dream.

Riskon (16): What is the meaning of this picture?
It’s the dream of any child that can image what he wants when he grows up.

Farhan (11): Would the flag burn of on the sun?
No, because in your dreams you can imagine a big planet like the sun full of
wonderful creatures living in it.