Togetherness starts with a tee

Cecilia was born in Stockholm in 1977. She had from a very early age a great interest in illustration. After spending all her spear times drawing when growing up she begun her formal studies with a year of history of art at the University of Stockholm. She then received her degree in Graphic Design and Image Making from London College of Communication, after which she returned to her home town to start a career as a full-time illustrator. Since then she has been commissioned by a wide variety of clients. She likes to combine drawing with various media for a rich and unpredictable expression, and finds inspiration in fashion and art.

Selected clients of Cecilia are Swarovski, Victoria Secret, Paul Smith, Ricci Ricci, Victoria Beckham, IKEA, H&M, NY Times, Elle, The Sunday Telegraph, Vogue, W Magazine, Flaunt, The Lab.

Cecilia Carlstedt x Face This foundation

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We are very honoured  Cecilia designed us a Face This T-shirt. Ofcourse she used the Indonesian kids’ drawings. And she finally ended up in two designs we couldn’t choose from. So we were able to produce both a men’s and a women’s tee with her designs.

Cecilia Carlstedt about her T-shirt

‘It just made me very happy working with material that was done for the sake of drawing, showing dreams and thoughts straight from the mind and heart of the kids. A refreshing break from the usual more business minded briefs.’

Cecilia Carlstedt interviewed by the kids of the Asy-Syifa community center

A Face This T-shirt is a collaboration between Indonesian kids making drawings and top illustrative artists from around the world. When the final artwork from the artist was finished, we let the kids interview the artist. About their final T-shirt design and about life in general.

Safira (12) and  Friska (9) What is your favorite food?  
I love seafood, I will always chose a fish stew if it’s on the menu.

Dejan (9): Where do you live?
Stockholm, Sweden

Ariya (9): Since when do you like to draw?
I have always been drawing since I can remember.

Kamil (9): What is the meaning of your drawing on the women’s tee?
I wanted to create a mood having the girl in the center surrounded by your lovely drawings like they were her dreams.

Zidan (11): What is the meaning of your drawing on the men’s tee?
This is based on the same idea but this portrait being a little freer interpreted and combined with the drawings.

Afrizal (8): what is your favorite drawing?
Of the two? note sure..

Dejan (9): What is your favorite sport?
As a kid I trained in badminton which I still enjoy very much. I am however not a big sport fan, so I don’t have a favourite sport that I follow, but I enjoy watching athletics.

Safira (12): How many sisters do you have?
I have one younger sister.

Zidan (11): What are your favorite things?
My brushes, pens and papper. My books. My pillow :-)