Togetherness starts with a tee

Ana Benaroya is an illustrator, artist, typographer, and designer; but above all, she is a decent human being. This is quite possibly her proudest accomplishment to date. Ana Benaroya is the woman behind Illustration Next, an outstanding global survey that brings together 50 leading illustrators for an exciting collaboration project.

Ana works for clients like National Geographic, The New Yorker, The New York Times, Thames & Hudson, Nickelodeon Magazine, Ralph Lauren, and Simon & Schuster.

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Ana Benaroya x Face This foundation

At Face This we admire Ana’s work. She seemed a good match for a collaboration between the Indonesian school kids we support. So we asked Ana to design a T-shirt with drawings our Indonesian school kids made.

Ana Benaroya about her T-shirt

‘I looked at some of my kids’ drawings when I was younger and I wish I could still draw like that. So it was really a lot of fun and I felt like I had to make my drawing good enough for the kids’ drawings.’

Ana Benaroya interviewed by the kids of the Asy-Syifa community center

A Face This T-shirt is a collaboration between Indonesian kids making drawings and top illustrative artists from around the world. When the final artwork from the artist was finished, we let the kids interview the artist. About their final T-shirt design and about life in general.

Ariyo (9) and Zidan (11): What are your favorite superheroes?
I was always a fan of the Marvel super heroes. I love X-men, I love Superman… I think Spiderman was my favourite because he was kind of a dork and he was just like of a regular person who mistakenly fell into his super powers and I think I really was into that because I was kind of dorkey – I still am – and it seems like, that could possible be me.

Sabina (11), Nugi (13), Friska (9): What is your favorite comic book?
Well, when I was younger I was really into the super hero comic books, Marvel, DC. And I would pretty much read X-men and Spiderman. Some Superman, but I wasn’t really into Batman. But now I am probably more into indie comics and from different illustrators and comic artists that aren’t necessarily drawing super heroes. Now I really enjoy comics that have like social commentary or some kind of sense of humor to them that are more personal or more personal experiences of the author.

Fauzan (10) and Aria (9): How many action figures do you have?
Well, I haven’t collected action figures in a long time, but they were my baby dolls when I was a little girl. I would have save my allowance from my parents and save up to buy myself action figures. And at my birthday parties I told everybody to buy me action figures instead of Barbie dolls. So I have probably like a hundred from my whole childhood in a box somewhere. One day I’m gonnal go through all of them and see exactly what I have but I don’t really collect them anymore.

Imam (12): What is your favorite character from Nickelodeon?
Well, I actually never really watched Nickelodeon when I was a kid. But I definitely watched cartoons. There was a series of cartoons on Saturday morning which is called Saturday Morning Cartoons and that was one of my favourite. I loved The Anamaniacs, Bugs Bunny, Pinkey and the Brain. I don’t think any of those are out there anymore, but obviously Bugs Bunny still is. But I did work briefly at Nickelodeon magazine so I have some sort of connection to it.[/full_column]